[LTER-im-rep] Here we are again...

Philip Tarrant philip.tarrant at asu.edu
Fri Nov 20 07:52:22 MST 2015

Dear colleagues,

Now that we have the ASM out of the way (after answering a thousand questions it seems!), we know where the NIMO will reside and we know who will lead the proposal preparation. Although the discussions with NSF, the LNO and the NCO will go on for some time, we at least have a clearer view of what will happen to our information management infrastructure in the near term. We can agree that much remains to be done to facilitate a successful transition, but this also provides clear focus for our community efforts over the next year or so.

These developments, combined with the fact that I am no longer the CAP IM, once again lead me to consider my role in the IMC. While I am happy to support the continuing development of the NIMO concept and proposal, and to perhaps facilitate activities if needed, I do not feel I can carry the additional load associated with being co-chair. Corinna kindly stepped up to that joint role with me in the summer, but I believe she needs the support of someone who can spare enough time to share this role equally.

Therefore, while I am not stepping down immediately, I would like to gauge the interest level of colleagues willing to take on this role. When we had this discussion prior to the ASM, we did not get any candidates. However, I feel that with the increased energy levels at the ASM and the clearer direction we have for the NIMO, it is perhaps more likely someone will feel that they can help lead our community in the direction we have defined.

You are welcome to declare yourself publicly, or to contact me privately, if you are interested. Either way is fine. Based on the response we can decide if an election is appropriate.

Thank you, as always, for your support and cooperation.

Philip Tarrant
Director, Informatics and Technology | Senior Sustainability Scientist
P.O. Box 875402 | Tempe, Arizona | 85287-5402
PH: 480-727-7860   |   Main: 480-965-2975 | sustainability.asu.edu<http://sustainability.asu.edu/>
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