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Here is some feedback about the new and improved dataOne search.

I wish it was all positive.  It is not.  It is feedback.

--Lots of duplicates on that search app (58 results, all apparent 
duplicates. two filters keys: biodiversity; creator(?) smith).

- No visible "support" link or report problem.  No support?

- And then, the site down.  Great.

Go metacat!


On 11/17/2015 10:59 AM, Amber E Budden wrote:
> *Announcing DataONE Search: A New Way to Discover Data*
> DataONE is pleased to announce the release of DataONE Search, a web 
> based application allowing users to seamlessly and efficiently 
> discover the 168 thousand publicly accessible data packages* within 
> the DataONE federated network of Member Nodes.
> DataONE Search allows users to search by keyword and refine by filters 
> including: data attribute, Member Node, creator, year, identifier, 
> taxa, location and whether a complete data package including both 
> metadata and data are available for download. The geographic search 
> interface in DataONE Search provides a convenient overview of the 
> spatial distribution of data sets and allows users to zoom and pan to 
> specific locations of interest.
> Summaries of the number of data and metadata files, file formats and 
> collection time periods are also made available through the new 
> DataONE Search site. Such summaries provide a convenient overview of 
> the range of data accessible through the DataONE federation from a 
> number of different perspectives.
> DataONE Search is now the default software for search and discovery of 
> data and metadata within DataONE. The software has been designed to 
> facilitate rapid iteration and deployment of new features and to take 
> full advantage of future capabilities offered by upcoming versions of 
> the core cyberinfrastructure.  Notable among these is the upcoming 
> provenance trace within search and discovery (see 
> https://www.dataone.org/webinars/provenance-and-dataone-facilitating-reproducible-science 
> for more information). ONEMercury will remain available to users via 
> the direct URL https://cn.dataone.org/onemercury/.
> To view demos on how to use DataONE Search, view our screencast 
> tutorials at: https://www.dataone.org/screencast-tutorials.
> *This number excludes obsoleted records within the network that are 
> publicly readable
> About DataONE:
> DataONE enables universal access to data and also facilitates 
> researchers in fulfilling their need for data management and in 
> providing secure and permanent access to their data. DataONE offers 
> the scientific community a suite of tools and training materials that 
> cover all aspects of the data life cycle from data collection, to 
> management, analysis and publication.
> About MetacatUI:
> DataONE Search is a customized implementation of the open source 
> MetacatUI search application (https://github.com/NCEAS/metacatui), 
> developed at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and 
> Synthesis, and usable by any DataONE Member Node that supports the 
> DataONE query API. MetacatUI is a client-side web interface for 
> querying Metacat servers and other servers that implement the DataONE 
> REST API. Currently, it is used as the search interface for DataONE 
> (https://search.dataone.org), The Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity 
> (https://knb.ecoinformatics.org/#data), the Gulf of Alaska Data Portal 
> (http://goa.nceas.ucsb.edu/#data), GLEON 
> (https://poseidon.limnology.wisc.edu/metacatui/), and the Montana IoE 
> Data Repository (http://montanaioe.org/).
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