[LTER-im-rep] IMC meeting, Arrival night (Monday) dinner

Margaret O'Brien margaret.obrien at ucsb.edu
Thu Jul 14 16:15:13 MDT 2016

Hi all -
If you've been following the agenda draft, then you know that IMExec is 
planning an arrival night dinner, on Monday. Generally, people like this 
to be informal, so we can just catch up. To make it even more informal, 
we're doing it at my house this time. I am very much looking forward to 
hosting you all on my turf!

We have vans to ferry people to/from my house/UCSB. The airport is close 
- about 5 min from either.  when we have an idea of attendance, we'll 
work out pick-up details.

We will use a caterer. I'll budget with the dinner-perdiem amount, for 
the number of people who plan to come. Of course, those of you who can't 
make it can certainly use your own dinner allotment, wherever you happen 
to be.

A couple of bits of info would be nice. Please add to this spreadsheet 
("Participants" tab):

1. Head count.
Almost always, some people arrive too late for dinner. So RSVP in the 
column labeled "RSVP Monday evening dinner".  A note about your arrival 
time will be helpful for planning pickups.

2. Dietary restrictions.
So I can plan with a caterer. Leave a note under 'dinner notes', or 
email me.

3. Alcohol.
NSF grants cannot pay for alcohol, so please bring a bit of cash to drop 
in a jar (and reimburse me). Suggesting $6/person, for wine/beer. If you 
don't drink at all - leave a note, so I don't buy too much. The van 
drivers will not drink.

I think that's about it, but let me know if I forgot anything. A couple 
of you are coming in early, and you are likely to be tapped for chores - 
hope you don't mind.

see you soon -

Margaret O'Brien
Information Management
Marine Science Institute, UCSB
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
805-893-2071 (voice)

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