[LTER-im-rep] Fwd: Fwd: Most US LTER sites have not updated DEIMS

Margaret O'Brien margaret.obrien at ucsb.edu
Tue Jul 12 14:56:20 MDT 2016

hi im-reps.
I am forwarding this to you all, from David because he didn't have every 
individual's name. see his email for login.

good news: omebody slurped a bunch of content in, so your site is 
already here, don't create a new one. use Discovery > site > [look for 
US, then edit]

bad news: some info was wrong.

good news: Most of it could be pulled from our old old site-db entry: 

bad news: you cannot do interim saves on edits. so plan to do the 
required info in all panels.

good news: If you try to save from the first panel, the list of all 
empty-required-fields will show up at the top.

bad news: But you cannot click on the errors to go directly there, 
navigate through the left hand menu.

good news: it really did only take about 15 min, but be patient with the 


Margaret O'Brien
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Subject: 	Fwd: Most US LTER sites have not updated DEIMS
Date: 	Tue, 12 Jul 2016 12:07:20 -0600
From: 	David Blankman <dblankman1 at gmail.com>
To: 	Hap Garritt <hgarritt at mbl.edu>, Eda Celina Melendez Colom 
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<kramsey at jornada-vmail.nmsu.edu>, Gastil Gastil-Buhl 
<gastil at msi.ucsb.edu>, Yang Xia <yangx at ksu.edu>

To: ILTER IMs (those of you whose names I can remember)

Can you please update you site information on the ILTER DEIMS:

US LTER lo​gin information.

​User name: ​

When you login go to the Edit menu and you will see my sites. Each of 
the US-LTER  sites are listed. It is my understanding that Peter 
Groffman only wanted the official sites listed, not research locations 
Hog Island
Hog Island Bay - Lagoon Site
Parramore Island
Pawnee National Grassland
Phillips Creek Marsh

you pass this along to the other IMs.

​Will one of you be responsible to following up on this. This was 
supposed to have been completed by June 30, but only SEV and FCE have 
been done.


David ​

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From: *David Blankman* <dblankman1 at gmail.com <mailto:dblankman1 at gmail.com>>
Date: Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 4:11 AM
Subject: Most US LTER sites have not updated DEIMS
To: Marty Downs <downs at nceas.ucsb.edu <mailto:downs at nceas.ucsb.edu>>, 
Peter Groffman <groffmanp at caryinstitute.org 
<mailto:groffmanp at caryinstitute.org>>, Tiffany Troxler <troxlert at fiu.edu 
<mailto:troxlert at fiu.edu>>, "McDowell, Bill" <bill.mcdowell at unh.edu 
<mailto:bill.mcdowell at unh.edu>>
Cc: Michael Mirtl <michael.mirtl at umweltbundesamt.at 
<mailto:michael.mirtl at umweltbundesamt.at>>, Haubold Herbert 
<Herbert.Haubold at umweltbundesamt.at 
<mailto:Herbert.Haubold at umweltbundesamt.at>>, Kristin Vanderbilt 
<krvander at fiu.edu <mailto:krvander at fiu.edu>>


With the exception of SEV and FCE (Kristin Vanderbilt IM), none of the 
other LTER sites have edited their ILTER DEIMS Site Information.

It is my understanding that you only want the official LTER sites, not 
research locations like:
Hog Island
Hog Island Bay - Lagoon Site
Parramore Island
Pawnee National Grassland
Phillips Creek Marsh

If​ that is the case, I can remove them from the database. Please 
confirm this.

​US LTER lo​gin information.

​User name: ​

​I suggest that you send an email to the IM list.


*David Blankman*
Chair, ILTER Information Management Committee
Director, Information Management, Israel LTER

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