[LTER-im-rep] Poll Question concerning LTER Metacat Content and whether it should be archived and hidden during DataONE search and discovery

Inigo San Gil isangil at lternet.edu
Thu Nov 12 09:50:58 MST 2015


Deleted (metacat) metadata should have not been exposed to dataOne in 
the first place. I am surprised, even if they call those data 
'archived'.  There are old versions, and then there are deprecated, 
deleted data. Any serious IMS can make that distinction. It is good to 
see metacat is gone, for that, and many other reasons. (it is not really 
gone, though.)

Also, data that is erased at origin (@ FCE, due to whatever reason), 
should be deleted at the public repositories -not sure how-.

Due to shortcomings with the repository systems we have been using, this 
deletion has been a headache. Always.
At best, we were forced by default to retire our numerical identifiers, 
this has been quite irritating.  At worse, unwanted, bad data remains 
public through these repos.

If not common sense, this situation is a an actual good case to be filed 
under the "Right to forgotten 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_to_be_forgotten>" law that google 
had recently to abide in EU and Argentina.

There is a silver lining to all this, old versions are just that, old 
versions.  Anybody that is able to get the hands on an old version of 
data ought to realize that this is not the most current version.

I would ask dataOne to erase that content if you are concerned.

If we are met with uncooperative clearinghouses, time to add a note to 
all your EMLs, stating something like 'FCE only vouches (to the extent 
you can) to the latest version of data hosted by FCE'.

On the positive side, I am glad you are able to find data in DataONE, 
this is something I rarely hear from actual users, and a reason to 

Cheers, Inigo

On 11/12/2015 8:58 AM, Linda A Powell wrote:
> Dear Information Managers,
> As some of you may know, the FCE LTER program discontinued its 
> practice of file versioning where each updated data file would be 
> given a different file name (.v1, .v2, etc.) and a new EML package 
> ID.     We initially had 525 data files that got combined into new 
> data files so our FCE data count decreased to 125 data files.  I 
> started the EML packaging ID numbers for the newly combined data files 
> at knb-lter-fce.1050 (well beyond the last package ID 
> knb-lter-fce.525) and I personally deleted all the old versioned data 
> from the LTER Metacat.  I then added the 125 new files back into the 
> Metacat and PASTA.
> Unfortunately,  those files were never really deleted from Metacat, 
> only archived, and when the Metacat files were harvested into DataONE, 
> *ALL* my files, including those I thought were ‘deleted’ and the 
> existing, were uploaded.  Now the FCE has a big mess! The old 
> 'deleted' files are listed but none of the files exist any longer so 
> the links to the data don’t work.  I’m sure the DataONE users are 
> frustrated!  There may be Metacat files that other IMs have thought 
> were deleted that are also showing up in DataONE.
> */My question to the LTER IMs is whether the content that existed in 
> the LTER Metacat should be archived and made hidden during search and 
> discovery from the DataONE infrastructure (i.e. ONEMercury, CN API, 
> etc.)? /* I've asked Mark Servilla to help with this issue and we 
> thought It would be simplest and scale economically if he could 
> perform this operation at one time and for all LTER site content as 
> opposed to performing this operation for each site independently.  Of 
> course we want input from the IMC before we move forward.
> *I’ve created a Doodle Poll (http://doodle.com/poll/uw87khqqyhhsiry5) 
> and would appreciate input from EACH of the LTER site IMs as to 
> whether the content that existed in the LTER Metacat should be 
> archived and made hidden during search and discovery from the DataONE 
> infrastructure?  Please select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. *
> Thank you in advance for your participation!
> Kindest Regards,
> Linda
> Linda Powell
> Information Manager
> Florida Coastal Everglades LTER Program
> OE 148, Florida International University
> University Park
> Miami, Florida 33199
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