[LTER-im-rep] IMC Watercooler - November

Margaret O'Brien margaret.obrien at ucsb.edu
Mon Nov 9 12:38:28 MST 2015

Hi Inigo -
I agree that the eventual design of the data center is important to all 
of us. Keep in mind that there are multiple activities going on 
simultaneously -- both long- and short-term transitions are upon us -- 
and this VTC focuses on the short-term. We have to be able to talk about 
just one thing at a time.

Of immediate importance is to know what is running at the UNM-LNO that 
we absolutely need in the next 6 months, and how these are being 
maintained. That is what most of us refer to as "transition", and what 
we should focus on right now.

Some of the current services will need to be incorporated into the data 
center, and some into the communications office. Some may be deemed 
non-essential. This call should be to highlight where the IMC thinks 
each of these should go.


Margaret O'Brien
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On 11/9/15 11:09 AM, Inigo San Gil wrote:
> Some comments -
> I would say that for the Mon and Tue conversations, it would be best 
> to summarize what do we really need from the new data center, 
> including some of the legacy, and what additions we long for.  The 
> spreadsheet is too limiting to legacy stuff, and Im afraid, that when 
> presented as brief as it is below, I get the feeling that the 
> transition roadmap is that of continuity of minimums, something we 
> agree it would not be the case.   I would suggest we keep that 
> spreadsheet for historical purposes, and let's do a fresh survey (too 
> late for tomorrow).
> What matters? For LTER what matters is to stay relevant in the face of 
> rapidly evolving technologies. The LTER network has now new ways at 
> our disposal to address some long unresolved IT challenges.  We could 
> also address storage challenges, hosting and services.  We can layout 
> new ways to collaborate and act as a network, and in the process of 
> doing so, we will be more efficient, reduce the amount of redundant 
> work in our network, and have our people work on what they can do 
> best. That is a transition that is exciting.
> A transition should not just mean "move this server over here, update 
> this software and, btw, who can host LDAP". While those are things 
> that should be consider, it should be a deeper analysis on where we 
> want to be a year from now, and then sometime beyond that. 
> Furthermore, presenting EB with tech decisions is not as valuable as 
> presenting with a vision of what do we want to offer to LTER, how is 
> that beneficial and what do we need to get there. We did some work 
> before the ASM, some during the IM meeting, but some details still 
> need to be worked out.  Perhaps this is what you mean, but I cannot 
> really distil this message from the email below -- and, If we just go 
> for the minimum effort, we will end up in worse shape in a year from 
> now that in the (relative) bad shape we are now.   We do not want 
> that, do we?
> Finally, just to reiterate what I told the current LNO and others, I 
> can also help with legacy stuff - i am on site, and I know some of it, 
> and know what door to knock in case of doubt.
> Cheers, Inigo
> On 11/9/2015 10:11 AM, Corinna Gries wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Since we’ll be talking about transitions I am attaching Margaret’s 
>> spreadsheet so we all have it available for the discussion today and 
>> tomorrow. Please consider the following questions for the services 
>> listed:
>> Is it essential to your site
>> Do we need other input for a decision about its importance (e.g., 
>> NSF, NCO, EB?)
>> Do we need updates to the technology/functioning
>> Who would be willing to be the responsible person, i.e., someone 
>> knowing the service well enough and willing to answer questions that 
>> may come up during transition
>> Other …
>> Thanks and talk to you all soon
>> Corinna
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>> Dear colleagues,
>> We are scheduling a virtual watercooler for November 9/10. The topic 
>> of the discussion will be:
>> - NIMO update
>> - continue transition planning
>> Please indicate if/which day you are able to attend via the doodle 
>> poll. Thanks!
>> http://doodle.com/poll/9zvcswn9kwitwutt
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