[LTER-students] Announcing an LTER Network Blog!!

Siddharth Iyengar iyeng029 at umn.edu
Sat Mar 12 09:06:27 MST 2016

Hi LTER grad students!

A couple of graduate students from the CCE site have worked hard to make a
wonderful blog for the network! This is a fantastic way for us to get to
know the huge variety of people and sites in this great network. I
encourage you all to send stories to them, and keep reading all that gets
published! Details are below.

Huge thanks to Ali, Stella and Christie for getting this going!


The Short Stories About LTER blog is up and running! This is a space for
students in the LTER network to share their stories and experiences at
their sites. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!


Thank you to everyone who contributed ideas and time. Now we need to keep
it up and running with consistent, high quality posts. We would love to
have blog posts from those of you with a bit of time to spare and a need
for outreach. Attached are some guidelines and there are a couple of posts
on the blog for you to check out. These posts should be relatively short
and should only take a few hours out of your day. We will edit them for
you, too. Feel free to email if you need guidance or have questions.

If you are an LTER site representative, please bug your fellow students
about getting a post to us! We want every LTER site to have some

We look forward to your posts!


Ali Freibott, Stella Swanson, and Christie Yorke
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