[LTER-mcr_all] Server accounts for MCR and SBC users

Gastil Gastil-Buhl gastil.gastil-buhl at ucsb.edu
Mon Jul 3 14:23:58 PDT 2017

Hi MCR LTER folks with server accounts here at MSI,

I trust you already received the email below from Jim. We have been
anticipating this merge of our login system (called LDAP) for a long time.
This is progress. This will not be a problem for MOST of you, but will be a
problem for a few of you.

We expect problems initially if your account is new or you have recently
changed your groups or password or if you have accounts on both SBC and MCR
and have been using the duplicate account without realizing it.

Please just ask for me or Jim to help before struggling!

help at msi.ucsb.edu goes to Jim. Feel free to cc me.
Please do not type your password into those help requests.

Yes, we will ask you to reboot. Before you reboot, please disable the
"Reconnect on login" feature of mapping a network drive because that will
conflate 2 problems. I do not recommend using that feature, but if you
must, then please just disable it until we settle any switchover issues.

I will be checking work email tomorrow (July 4th) but not as frequently as

Thank you,

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Hello All,

The research file server (adelie.msi.ucsb.edu) has run off of a separate
user account tree for a long time. This means that you could have two
accounts just to access departmental systems. Over the past year we have
been merging user accounts from the adelie system into the MSI account
system. At this point we are ready to switch over to just using MSI

Q. What does this mean?
A. an MSI Account will give you access to all departmental-hosted services
instead of using two different systems. This has no affect whatsoever on
UCSBnetid or Lifesci Accounts.

Q. Does this change my account?
A. The switch *should* be seamless for most users. You will use the same
username and password combination to authenticate to any MSI hosted service
( for example, files.msi.ucsb.edu and adelie.msi.ucsb.edu file servers). We
do expect to see some issues.

Q. My account isn't working, what do I do?
A. Send a note to help at msi.ucsb.edu and we will look in to your account set

Q. My account works, but I don't have access to folders that I had before,
what do I do?
A. Send a note to help at msi.ucsb.edu and we will look in to your account

We will complete the switch over *Today, July 3rd at 5pm. *Make sure to
save all your open files on adelie.msi.ucsb.edu and be prepared to log off
of that server.

Thank you for your patience during this migration.


Jim Woods

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