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Stevan Earl stevan.earl at asu.edu
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Thanks very much to those of you who have responded to the survey regarding
Databits, the feedback is helpful and insightful. If you have not had a
chance, please try to address the survey this week - it will not take more
than five to ten minutes of your time.

link to survey: https://forms.gle/XgEBGdT2vKGPQ3mX8

Thanks and regards,
IM Exex and Databits editors

On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 4:52 PM Stevan Earl <stevan.earl at asu.edu> wrote:

> Dear LTER Information Manager,
> Recall we had decided at our 2019 IMC meeting in Tacoma that we would
> finish a discussion concerning the future of Databits, and settle on a
> direction during our September water cooler (please see below for context).
> In anticipation of that discussion, IM Exec and the Databits editors-elect
> would like to get additional feedback from you to help frame the
> conversation, and to provide IMC members unable to attend the water cooler
> opportunity to provide input. With those goals in mind, we ask that you
> please address this short survey (link below). The survey is anonymous, and
> should take no more than a few minutes of your time. Please respond to
> the survey no later than the end of the business day Wednesday, September
> 4th.
> Under consideration is a proposal to change the current format of
> Databits, a collection of articles and stories related to LTER information
> management collected in PDF form approximately annually, to blog posts
> hosted on the LNO website. These blog posts could be tagged with a category
> for Databits such that it would work similarly to the tags used for each of
> the core themes (e.g., primary production
> <https://lternet.edu/research-themes/primary-production/>); stories could
> run in their own stream as a sidebar on the IM page and also mixed in with
> other story types on the home (and many other) pages; stories could employ
> a Databits logo to identify them clearly; and there would be a single
> archive where they could all be found. Databits stories on the LNO site
> could be cross-posted to EDI such that the full catalog stays with LNO but
> stories that are relevant to EDI also go on EDI with a link back to the LNO
> site. Outsized advantages of this blog approach are that it would improve
> searching tremendously, and make it far easier to reference and share links
> to particular content. Some issues that we need to resolve include how
> content would be moderated, that we will indeed continue to have Databits
> editors, and whether there is still a place for content like Site Bytes.
> Regardless of format (PDF issues/blog, or a mix), we would like your
> feedback on how Databits would best serve our community going forward.
> link to survey: https://forms.gle/XgEBGdT2vKGPQ3mX8
> Thanks in advance for your consideration.
> IM Exec

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