[LTER-im-rep] Funding Friday

Margaret O'Brien margaret.obrien at ucsb.edu
Thu Jul 18 22:29:54 PDT 2019

Hi All -
You may want to plan to attend tomorrow's plenary session -- EDI is
featured in two Funding Friday proposals!
One is an effort to rope together the data mgt recommendations (e.g., BPs),
collecting together material from EDI (and LTER), DataONE and Knowledge
Motifs (Nancy Hobelheinrich's consultancy for information and educational

The second is led by EDI data fellow Alexis Garretson - also an ESIP
fellow, so you've seen her helping at sessions. Alexis proposes to script
the conversion of datasets in our ecocomDP model to the Darwin Core Archive
used by GBIF, which would make them available for broader query (and also
to her own research on insect phenology).

Here is a link to the Funding Friday rules. Awards are determined by a vote
of those present during the pitches.

Hope to see you there - 0800 - 0945

Margaret O'Brien
ORCID: 0000-0002-1693-8322
Information Management
Marine Science Institute, UCSB
Santa Barbara, CA 93106
805-893-2071 (voice)
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