[LTER-im-rep] IM-relevant paragraph in site renewal solicitation

Gastil Gastil-Buhl gastil.gastil-buhl at ucsb.edu
Mon Sep 11 16:41:39 PDT 2017

Hello LTER site IMs,

This is of particular interest to those sites who will submit a renewal
proposal next March 2018. Marty has excerpted for us the paragraph most
relevant for IMs to be aware of, ahead of their site leadership discussing
plans. It is good to see the requirements clearly defined. When you read
this, remember that EDI's data repository is our own "pasta" repository,
not separate. I am forwarding this on from her (below).


*Please read carefully the program-specific review criteria described

Renewal proposals also must articulate milestones and deliverables for
information management (hereafter referred to as data management consistent
with wording from the NSF PAPPG (https://www.nsf.gov/
publications/pub_summ.jsp?ods_key=pappg). These must include timelines for
data release, publication of metadata, and online access through the
Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) or other public data repositories
discoverable via DataOne (https://www.dataone.org/). In addition, the
proposal must demonstrate thatLTER data access and management policies are
being met, as outlined in the LTER Network's Information Management Policy(
https://lternet.edu/policies/data-access). Publicly accessible data are a
critical outcome of NSF's investment in LTER sites. Renewal proposals will
be evaluated in part based on the availability of data collected using LTER
funds, particularly data for the five core areas, with the expectation that
all data collected since the inception of a site will be publicly available.
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