[LTER-im-rep] EDI-supported IM Working Groups: Poll to select topics

Kristin Vanderbilt krvander at fiu.edu
Mon Sep 26 15:20:30 MDT 2016

Dear LTER IM Committee:

One of the goals of EDI is to help streamline data curation by increasing the level of shared data management practices and tools across research sites.  My role with EDI is to facilitate IM working groups that will generalize methods and software so that they can be used more broadly.  At the Santa Barbara IMC meeting, a breakout group identified some technologies and approaches that may lend themselves to a wider adoption.  I am writing to ask that you help me determine which of these topics to start with.

Please let me know which two topics (from the list of 8 below) you think should be tackled first by EDI-supported working groups. This poll is to give me direction so that I can start to organize meetings.   Responding to this message does not mean you are volunteering to do anything (yet)!

Thank you for responding by Friday, 9/30!  Suggestions for other working groups for the future would also be welcome.

Proposed working group topics:

  1.  Add taxonomic information to EML: Several sites already have a method for generating EML snippets for lists of organisms (GCE, SBC, others).   A working group could consider these options and determine if one might have broad application across the network.   It could be implemented as a service. There is also an R tool called R-taxize that could be considered.
  2.  Develop an alternative for GCE Toolbox written in R.    A working group could scope out specifications and write the R code to replicate some GCE Toolbox core functions.
  3.  Create EML-driven graphics tools.   This working group would likely suggest updates to EML such that it includes a designation for which variable is the time variable, and which are response variables.   Graphics tools would then be developed.
  4.  Extend CAP's LTER Network Information System Reporting Tool that reports number of requests for each PASTA data set, etc.   This working group would determine what additional report features the community would like, and then implement them.  Here is the link to the service:  https://lter.dev.gios.asu.edu/html/index.php
  5.  Initiate a Data Management Code Library, a place to share code snippets and web services.  This group could determine how the library will be maintained and how code and web services will be documented in order to be discovered and used by information managers.
  6.  DEIMS2:  This working group could add functionality and fix bugs in DEIMS2. This group could also discuss how to migrate DEIMS2 to Drupal 8 or how to maintain it longer term in D7.
  7.  Metabase System for Generating EML:  This working group could document this system for broader use and help LTER sites to adopt it.
  8.  Hackathon for web services using PASTA API.   Participants may also help LTER sites implement web services as needed.
 Best wishes,


Kristin Vanderbilt, Ph.D.
Information Manager
Florida Coastal Everglades LTER Program
OE 148, Florida International University
University Park
Miami, Florida 33199

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