[LTER-im-rep] Working Groups for IM Code Library

Kristin Vanderbilt krvander at fiu.edu
Wed Nov 9 09:43:53 PST 2016

Hello fellow IMs!

This email is meant to start the conversation that will lead to one or more IM Code Library working groups.  For non-LTER IMs receiving this email, the IM Code Library will be an Environmental Data Initiative (EDI)-facilitated project to make code developed by individual (or a group of) IMs available for use by the rest of the IM community.

Some participants at the annual IMC meeting in Santa Barbara thought that having R code to help manage streaming sensor data would be useful to have in the IM Code Library.  However, only a few IMs were part of that conversation.  What would others like to have available for their use from the IM Code Library?  Or, what code do you have that might have applications at other sites (and that you would be willing to share)?  Defining best practices for the IM Code Library could be another topic for a working group.

EDI asks that the IM community consider what the products of an IM Code Library working group should be, and then self-organized groups of IMs are invited to submit a "Request for EDI Working Group Funding" (template attached).  In this request you will specify who is participating in the group, what the products of the group will be, where it will meet, etc.  More than one group can submit a request for support for an IM Code Library working group.  Please send requests to me and I will share them with the rest of the EDI leadership.

Best wishes,


Kristin Vanderbilt, Ph.D.
FCE LTER Information Manager &
EDI Skills Exchange Project Manager

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